December 19 Advent and Book Post

Last day of school for 2018…..and a reading break is needed!
I have been given so many wonderful books this month so far and I am so desperate to sit amongst them and truly enjoy them.

Today’s advents were…

I think most children will have a read a “Lulu” book at some time and she is a lovely little girl.  It is a simply written book about getting ready for Christmas and is perfect for those learning about some favourite family traditions.
The Great Pudding Race is an exciting adventure with the whole town coming together to rescue the Christmas pudding festival.  Animals and humans working together to create a wonderful heart warming celebration!
Agatha Oddly is new to me…I must admit I am unfamiliar with the author, Lena Jones.  This promises to be the first in a super-sleuth series so fingers crossed for more. The blurb on the back sounds quirky, funny and mysterious. I am really keen to dive into this book. A review will be posted once I finish it.

Today was also an exciting #bookpost day.  I love getting books in the mail….
I asked Nosy Crow for a proof copy of The Boy Who Flew by Fleur Hitchcock and it arrived today.  She is an amazing author and I have no doubt this book will live up to her high standards.

I also applied to review a book for Reading Zone.  They sent me The Great Race by Christopher Corr.  I am super excited about this one as it is stunningly illustrated.  Such bold, bright colours to tell one of the most famous tales from China.  My husband and I lived in Hong Kong for many years and this story is so important to the culture.  I feel very lucky that I was born in the Year of the Dragon.  
I already know how my review for this one will go and I haven’t even spent time on it yet. 

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