Mossbelly MacFearsome and the Dwarves of Doom

A bullied child, a dwarf set on revenge, ogres and dragons…..what more could you want from a book?

When we meet Roger he is gearing up for a fight with the local bully….enter Mossbelly MacFearsome and you get a different outcome.
Suddenly Roger is to be feared.  Mossbelly is a dwarf sent to find the Doomstone Sword and when his path crosses with Roger’s there begins this fast paced, adventurous story of a dwarf and a boy.  They must find and destroy the Doomstone sword or the human race will be wiped out. It is a race against time and against Mossbelly’s arch enemy Leatherhead Barnstorm. Roger has been chosen to be the destroyer of the sword and must go where Mossbelly goes.
Mossbelly has a unique way of speaking and there are miscommunications to make you laugh out loud.  There are Uber polite villains made from grave wax.  There are witchwatchers and girls with great skills in karate. It is a hilarious story of the fight between humans, ogres and dwarves.
I am now passing this story to my 10yo son who I think will love Mossbelly, his thunderous voice and the adventure waiting within the pages!

A brilliant funny story for anyone looking for an adventure!

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