Ross Welford

This is my first Ross Welford book and I simply loved it.  It kept me company on a slow train out of London and stayed with me through all the delays.  I was so happy to have such dedicated time to enjoy all this book has to offer.
Georgie has so much heart and love in her and her friendship with Ramzy is brilliant.  Throughout the book you get the impression that neither of them have many other friends and it increases the bond they share.  Ramzy has no filter and asks any questions, which helps them out immensely throughout the story.
So much happens in the book and it is all threaded together in such a marvellous way.  Without spoiling the book, Georgie, Ramzy and the mysterious Dr. Pretorius have a world changing problem to solve and they do this with technology and bravery.  There are dangerous risks, including mutating scorpions, loss of memory and sick dogs to contend with but the fate of the world is depending on our heroes. Can they save all dogs and humans from the deadly virus?
Add in some comical moments with the Dr,, Norman Two-Kids and his shop and the mutating scorpion and it is a wonderful way to spend your day!
Now to go and read Time Travelling with a hamster, The 1000 year old boy, and What not to do if you turn invisible.  My TBR pile grows again.
I am so pleased to have finally discovered the wonder that is Ross Welford.

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