The Closest Thing to Flying

What an incredible feel good story about hope, bravery and freedom.

Semira and Hen may be one hundred years apart and the freedoms they want may have changed but the fighting spirit of women is still fierce.  I love historical fiction, links with the past and finding answers in others stories.  
Semira lives a tough life in a foreign city, with chaos, cruelty and corruption part of her daily struggles.  A new school, new friends and a new hobby help her to become stronger and to see a way out for her and her mother. 
On a market stall, Semira is drawn to a broken hat with a bird seemingly caught mid flight.  She buys the hat and later finds a diary of Hen in the hat box. Hen writes about her brave Aunt Kitty.  We learn about the start of the RSPB, the movement of women fighting for the vote, and living for the moment through the diary entries.  Hen is inspired by her Aunt Kitty and her love of life, and ability to make bold decisions. 
Semira and her mother read the diary together and escape a life with no promise.  
It proves that hope is always there and there is always someone who will listen. 
I loved Semira’s character and the way she bravely faced each day.  She was so strong and vibrant.  I was so pleased she made friends and stood up for what she believed in. 
This is a lovely book to read and I found myself crying and laughing at different parts of the story.  I was also worried, scared and hopeful. A sure sign of a good book is the range of emotions the reader feels throughout. 
I can highly recommend this one! 

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