World Book Day

The World Book Day selection is brilliant this year.  I always like a few of the titles but this year I like all of them.  There are some amazing authors and illustrators in this year’s selections!

I am going to go through them one at a time to help students in my schools decide which one to choose! Or encourage them to buy more than one of them.

When they arrived my children were each drawn to specific titles and I found that so fascinating.  My 7yo daughter went for Lego Minifigure Mayhem and my 10yo son went for The Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend.  I was immediately drawn to Claude Best in Show, and Cruella and Cadpig.

Today I will look closely at the Lego Minifigure Mayhem.
It has facts, jokes and Lego challenges to keep children entertained.  Mini figures are hugely popular and I know I spend a lot on them, but how can you resist when they look like hot dogs, sharks or astronauts.  They are funny and add a lot of fun to a day of Lego building.

The challenges are excellent, from stacking them to mixing them up….endless hours of fun!
My daughter regaled us with the jokes and we groaned and laughed in equal measure.
There is a good variety of characters to meet and learn more about and we enjoyed reading about them all!

All in all this is a terrific book and I am sure it will be hugely popular on World Book Day!

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