WBD- Cruella and Cadpig

This might be my favourite World Book Day Book this year….written and illustrated, in my opinion, by two powerhouses of the book world!

Peter Bently has written some brilliant books, such as The Great Dog Bottom Swap and The Great Sheep Shenanigans.  Those are firm favourites in our house.  My daughter loves everything about the Dalmatians books and movies.  She even dressed up as one last World Book Day.

Steven Lenton is my favourite children’s illustrator,  and I am a massive Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam fan.

This is short, sweet and full of fun! Bold, colourful illustrations make the story come alive, especially the page featuring Cruella’s face….it is fantastically evil looking and enough to give any puppies nightmares.

This would be a great book for younger readers!

I would also recommend looking for the adaptation of The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Peter Bently and Steven Lenton.  It is wonderful and an excellent way to introduce children to the books as opposed to just watching the movies.

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