WBD- Claude Best in Show

Claude is a superb book character, full of wit and charm.  I like to imagine him as quite a posh pup, living with Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes.  I have yet to watch the animated show but I have high expectations on it.

I was really pleased to see Claude in the World Book Day selections, as he is hugely popular with a range of ages.  Certainly in our house from my 7 yo to myself (age not needed)!  He is a loveable pooch with a wonderful best friend.  Sir Bobblysock is up for anything, especially dressing up!

Within the first couple of pages I was giggling as Claude says “…we don’t know any dogs at all. Not even one!” Poor Claude can’t enter the dog show without one, so off comes the beret and out comes the dressing up fun! Sir Dogglysock? No! It has to be Butch!  Simply hilarious.

The dog show gets underway but things aren’t looking good for Claude and Butch…until the end of the day! A marvellous happy ending for the proud pooch and Butch!

And of course, what Claude story would end without the unsuspecting Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes looking adoringly at Claude all tucked up in bed!

Now off to find out where I can watch the animated series!

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