World Book Day- Days 5,6,7

The World Book Day Fun continues.  I am totally blown away by this year’s selections.
I have really enjoyed reading my way through them all.

Tonight I am focusing on 3 titles…

Bad Mermaids by Sibeal Pounder

Illustrated by Jason Cockcroft and Laura Ellen Anderson
Published by Bloomsbury
This is a lovely book for fans of Bad Mermaids and Witch Wars.  They get to meet! Every hundred years, they get together for a party.  I have enjoyed reading both series of books and my 7yo daughter currently enjoys them.  All our favourite characters are back from both series of books and I love the crossover between them.  This could be a new direction for the books to take.  Tiga accidentally falls into the lagoon before all the festivities are set to take place. Trouble, with prawns and sharks ensues. 
There are some laugh out loud moments throughout, especially when Tiga and the mermaids take part in Catwalk Prawn.  It has some hilarious outcomes, as you would expect from dressing and styling prawns.  
Luckily, all gets sorted before the party begins! 
A glorious book to share on World Book Day! 
Hubert Horatio, A Very Fishy Tale by Lauren Child
Published by Harper Collins
I have to admit that I haven’t read Hubert Horatio before this and I now know I have missed out.  Now adding it to my wish list.  I was so impressed with the story.  Hubert is a genius character, taking care of his parents and ensuring his survival. The style of illustrations is so typically Lauren Child, just wonderful to delve into.  
I loved the progression of the story and the trouble Hubert finds himself in.  Funniest of all was the fact his parents did not realise he was gone, sinking into the ocean, being caught in a net, wrapped up in newspaper.  A brilliant short story featuring a new favourite character! 
Looking forward to reading more about Hubert and his parents. 
Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend by Jeff Kinney
Published by Penguin 
My son has read all of the Wimpy Kid series, and so in turn I have become very familiar with them.  This new book, written from Rowley’s perspective is brilliant.  Rowley is Greg’s long suffering best friend, and he doesn’t always get treated well by Greg.  
Rowley is trying to write Greg’s biography for when he becomes famous, and so some of the stories are meant to show how wonderful Greg is but Rowley is innocent and honest.  His stories don’t actually make Greg look good at all.  My son and I laughed throughout this book.  Poor Rowley really does get the short end of the stick in his friendship with Greg. 
It would be great to see more of Rowley’s perspective in future books! 
This one will fly off the shelves on World Book Day! 

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