WBD- Day 8!

Nearly through all the amazing World Book Day selections! I am loving them and am recommending them all in assembly tomorrow in yet another school.

Tonight I am reading The Great Rocket Robbery by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Illustrated by Steven Lenton.  It is published by Macmillan.

This book takes you on a journey with a group of Street dogs.  They live a rough life but stick up for each other and protect each other.  They call themselves the Company of Small Dogs.  When they start disappearing, being taken by “the Man with the Head Shaped like an egg”, Laika follows the trail.

The dangerous journey leads her to find her friends and to reveal her true purpose…to find her home among the stars.  She wants to steal a rocket and find her star.  Her newest friend Krasavka, when not looking for food, is by her side and helping her. A true friend!

I love this story…taking a historical event and changing it into a story worth reading and enjoying. The true story of Laika does not have a happy ending but this version does.  I love that it is told from Laika’s perspective and that she is a hugely clever, brave and feisty dog.

She steals Sputnik and has an adventure, with aliens, and happily arrives back where she truly belongs.

I don’t want to say anymore or ruin the amazing story held within the pages.
Choose this one on World Book Day and enjoy travelling with Laika as she finds her true home!

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