WBD – Day 9 Nought Forever

Tonight I am reading the edgier, older reading selections from World Book Day.  I would recommend these for Year 6-8 due to content and themes.

Nought Forever
Malorie Blackman
Published by Penguin

The undeniable talent of Malorie Blackman is evident in all her books.  Tonight’s selection is no different.  I was hooked from the first line, “I’ve never been shot before”. I couldn’t put this book down.  I love the chapter changes in perspectives, it creates a complete world around Dan and Eva. You can see all the details and can put more of the story together.

I have to make a confession of never having read Noughts and Crosses but I have just requested it from my local library.  I am drawn into the world of the Noughts and Crosses gangs and the trouble they are in.

I want to know more about Dan, why is he in a gang? I like him and think there is good in him for wanting to protect his brother, but what has he done in the past?

Eva has a dark side and knows a lot about the Noughts.  I want to know more about her daughter and her involvement with the gangs.

Hopefully through reading more of this series I can find the answers to my questions!
A deep, edgy book with serious content.  Very readable but maybe not for the faint of heart.

Patrice Lawrence
Published by Hodder Children’s Books

This is a book for older readers, dealing with more mature content.  It is well written and I was immediately interested in the family dynamic between Farhad and Soraya and their Dad.

There is so much happening in this story and you have to really pay attention. The family dynamics of Austin and Soraya, their relationship, and the reason for Uncle Jimi-Luke’s death.  Farhad is harbouring some deep guilt and it is linked to Jimi-Luke.  As you read through, you put the pieces together and delve deeper into the psyche of Farhad.
He is too young to be dealing with such heavy issues and runs away.  At times, I was worried he would take his own life and I was willing Soraya and Austin to get there quicker.
A wonderful story from a brilliant author.
YA books are generally too much for my soft heart but this was wonderful.  I will now look for OrangeBoy and challenge my reading boundaries.
If nothing else is gained from this blog, I will at least push my reading boundaries and will ultimately find new authors who I may have missed!

Two edgy books, two brilliant authors and a new level of appreciation for YA books. A successful night!

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