Last WBD Titles

World Book Day lands tomorrow and the hype surrounding this year’s titles has been enormous. So many great authors and illustrators getting behind the message that Reading is hugely important and deserves to be celebrated!
Like librarians around the world will argue, every day should be World Book Day! We should celebrate reading in classes and schools around the world!

When I introduced the World Book Day titles to a small school in Suffolk, they were immediately drawn to them. They loved many of the titles, and wanted to delve straight in.  At the end of a reading afternoon today, we gave each child a book and the looks on their faces were priceless.  Amazement and an excitement to start reading. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that many of them read after school and into the evening, drawn into the worlds of Everdark, Cruella, gangs and Bookworms.
That is what we are constantly trying to promote- Reading is amazing, exciting and must happen at any time!

Thank you for the titles World Book Day! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year!

Tonight I finish with Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo and Everdark!
Two brilliant, very different books!

Percy Jackson is a popular series and this one fits right in.  Percy must try and find the deadly back up singer before she charms the world into tears, violence or sleep.  Apollo is putting on a show and his fourth back up singer has disappeared.  Percy and Grover must search for her and of course adventures follow Percy.
I loved the second line of the book, “Percy Jackson, why are you hanging from a Times Square billboard without your jeans on, about to fall to your death?”.
How can I not read on? I haven’t read a lot of Percy Jackson before but I will be recommending my son to try this one and perhaps we can move onto the first in the series together.
This is an excellent introduction to the world of Percy Jackson!

Everdark is the first book and introduction to a brand new series.  One that is eagerly anticipated by anyone in the children’s book world.  Abi Elphinstone is a writer of masterpieces and this is no exception.
Twitter abounds with the news that Rumblestar proofs are out tomorrow which is perfect timing.  We have been warmed up with Everdark, the mystery of the Phoenix, a little girl named Smudge and her eccentric monkey called Bartholomew! Rumblestar will fly off the shelves!

Crackledawn is in danger and only one girl stays awake to be able to help! Can she remember enough of her lessons to manage the dangerous journey ahead of her? Learning is a challenge for Smudge and she needs to work hard to stay safe, fight beasts and make it past the Northswirl.
What is waiting for her on the other side? Can she save her world and the others in the Unmapped Kingdoms?
I would love a proof of Rumblestar but am doubtful! I will watch with baited breathe for it to be released into bookshops.  This must be the reason I am saving my Waterstones voucher!

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