Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit- Ben Fogle

I have mixed feelings about celebrity authors, but this book fell on the good side of my opinion!

Ben Fogle is one of our favourite celebrities due to the work he does with animals, and his interest in the natural world.

I love the title of this book and the cover illustrations are bold, bright and attract the reader straight away. Steve Cole has truly brought Mr Dog to life and he is very handsome!   I would be recommending this book to 6 + readers.

Mr Dog is a fantastic character, he takes things so literally and does things without a lot of thought.  His instincts are as true as his heart and I bet he will soon become a favourite pooch in many houses. Mr Dog is an elegant name for a brave dog and as he solves mysteries and rescues animals, he truly lives up to his name.  His fancy neckerchief certainly adds to his elegance.

I love that he can speak rabbit and cat, and from the preview of a second in the series, I wonder what other “languages” he can speak! I look forward to having another adventure with Mr Dog.

I think this will become a hugely popular new series of books for younger readers.  The plot is easy to follow and the vocabulary is rich and will enhance their language skills as they read.

Well done Ben Fogle.  Not all celebrities can make the crossover to writing but this is a brilliant book and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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