Midnight at Moonstone by Lara Flecker

Midnight at Moonstone 

Written by Lara Flecker
Illustrated by Trisha Krauss
Moonstone is a costume museum filled with “extravagant wonders”, although most have lost their sparkle and the museum is being threatened by a property developer.

Kit is a young girl angry at her family for not understanding her.  In her anger, Kit decides to run away to her mother’s family home.  Moonstone is now crumbling and looks derelict.  Her grandfather, Bard, is not happy to see her and plans to send her home immediately.

However, Kit is stubborn and determined, a lot like her grandfather! She makes a plan to help her grandfather keep the museum open and save his home. However, she is one small girl.  How could she possibly do this on her own?

Luckily, there is magic in the air and at the stroke of Midnight the costumes come alive. Kit is shocked at first but she soon adapts and puts the willing costumes to work to fix costumes, clean curtains, windows and mirrors. Not all are welcoming to Kit and are quite rude towards her and to other costumes in the museum.  Kit must prove herself to them.  It takes time and a brave rescue but things start to change and Bard is feeling surprised and proud.

Obstacles, inspections and angry family members appear but Kit shows her determination and the others follow her lead.

I really loved this story, and I will buy the finished copy for the promise of beautiful illustrations of the costumes.  I thought the magic and mystery surrounding Moonstone was perfectly written and I lost myself in the museum with Kit as she explored and learned more about herself, her mother and her family.

Wonderful book for 9+!

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