Amazing Expeditions by Anita Ganeri

This is a gorgeous book highlighting some of the most famous explorers from history.

The book has a simple, easy to follow layout full of wonderful illustrations and maps that bring each exploration to  life in a new way.  This would be an excellent addition to any class studying explorers as it covers a huge range of explorers, types of expeditions and history.
I learned about more details about explorers such as
Ibn Battuta, Columbus and Armstrong.  It was also nice to see female explorers added in so it isn’t a completely male dominated book.  We know historically, men were more likely to be explorers so its brilliant to see a couple of brave, bold women in the mix.
The journeys, peril and time spent away from home is amazing and these brave people sacrificed so much in the search for treasure, notoriety, and land.  Many paid the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  This book also shows how we have improved travel, our understanding of the world and ways to protect the Earth over the span of time.  It highlights, not only those who traversed oceans, but mountain climbers, pilots and astronauts as well.

Anita Ganeri is an expert author and so I knew it would be an excellent book.  This is a topic I know little about and I spent a happy afternoon reading every part of this book.  This is one that might draw in more boys to read and enjoy as the topic involves danger, fighting and shipwrecks at times.

A fascinating read and one I will be buying for my own shelves as well as those at school.

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