The Brontës by Anna Doherty

I love this book.
When it arrived I couldn’t wait to dive in.  Having been aware of The Brontes and their books I was keen to learn more. This is a wonderful introduction to the sisters, their works and their lives.  Perfect for young girls looking for inspiration or for anyone wanting to know more about the Brontë Family.
How tragic their childhoods were but how imaginative they had to be! It proves that without television, technology and phones, children can create worlds, characters and stories! 
I enjoyed learning more about the family.  It is incredibly sad but a fact of the times that when children became ill, there was little to be done for them.  
I think one fact that sets this book apart from a traditional biography is the illustrations.  They are simply gorgeous, charming and a brilliant depiction of the sisters.  The colours on the cover and the end papers link throughout the entire book, so you are not overwhelmed with colours but can enjoy the effective use of them.
Hopefully there will be more in the series….perhaps with other colours used?
How lovely to be right….there is a book about Ada Lovelace and Michelle Obama, both in different colours! Will be buying all of them for my “fantastically feminist” daughter! 

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