Federation Conference 2019

I originally named my blog “myshelvesarefull” as it was an accurate description of all the bookshelves in my home.

Since attending my first ever Federation of Children’s Books conference this past weekend I might need to reconsider my blog name. It may now need to be my shelves are collapsing under the weight of books.

I brought home more than 60 books, many proof copies, some bought from Marilyn Brocklehurst’s amazing shop and some won in a raffle draw.  This weekend was not relaxing, it was jam packed with wonderful events, but it was inspiring and perfect if you love books and want to talk books for an entire weekend.
The program is full of wonderful authors pitching new books, seminars where authors read excerpts from new books and Q and A sessions where a group of authors and publishers chat and answer the questions of the audience.
As it was my first foray into a book conference I felt I couldn’t have had a better experience. Book people are just the best.  The organisers were friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in running a successful event.  There were cakes, celebrations of book birthdays…this year was Giraffes Can’t Dance, Elmer and The Gruffalo, and plenty of books to be had.
I was nervous about the publishers exhibition as I was told it is a frenzy of fun, proof copies and overloading on bookmarks, posters and freebies.
What a fantastic time I had.  It was lovely to chat and meet publicists who I have emailed but never met.  They are young, enthusiastic and excited about the books on their stand.  I kept going back for more book conversations, business cards and freebies.  
In all honesty I haven’t even looked into the bags I have brought home.  I am still processing this weekend and the information I took away.  I now need to think clearly about where these new books will live.  
Luckily, as I work for a trust of 13 schools, many of these books will find their way into the hands of children…which is the overall goal of the federation.
I highly recommend anyone with a bookish interest to consider attending the yearly conference.  It is a truly enlightening experience and you come away with new authors to read, new books to enjoy and so many posters, bookmarks and goodies that your libraries will be transformed.
Follow them on twitter @FCBGNews or check out their website for more information, http://www.fcbg.org.uk

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