Return to Wonderland- Various Authors

Having grown up with the Alice stories, losing myself in Wonderland and enjoying the Mad Hatter’s endless tea parties I was thrilled to see them brought to life in a new way.
This collection of stories will bring you back to Wonderland, re-introduce you to your favourite characters and give you new perspectives on it all.

11 significant and stellar authors have come together to help us “Return to Wonderland”!
They have created mini masterpieces and I thoroughly enjoyed each one.

We learn from Patrice Lawrence, all about the hedgehogs and an old nemesis in the flamingo mallets.  We visit a library with 7 books, and a missing book with Swapna Haddow, and Piers Torday helps us to find out how the Cheshire Cat got the smile he is so famous for!

There is so much to enjoy in these stories and they are so in keeping with Lewis Carroll’s original story that it feels an extension on Wonderland.

I feel this will give Alice in Wonderland a new boost with younger generations coming to read and love the stories as much as these authors did.

I particularly liked how each author introduced their story with how Alice formed a part of their reading history.  It was fascinating, insightful and on many occasions I could totally relate to their experiences.

This is a wonderful book and I can see it being enjoyed in schools and homes across the country.

Loved it!

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