The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Kiran Millwood Hargrave has such a beautiful way of orchestrating language and describing the world in such a way that you are immediately transported there.   Scents, feelings, taste, all senses are thoroughly represented and you come away feeling like this book is now a part of your very soul.
This is a new fiercely female perspective on the Dracula stories we have heard in the past,
Twins Lil and Kizzy, are travellers, much hated and treated badly by society.  The day before their divining, which is a ceremony learning your future path, their camp is burned and they are taken with other teens to become slaves.  The rest of their travelling community murdered.
They become slaves to a cruel Boyar and are forced to do much against their will.  In true feminist form, they learn to fight back, bare the consequences of their actions and protect each other and those they have grown to love.

Lil, the quieter twin, finds love in an unexpected place.  Kizzy learns to sacrifice through her actions and both follow a path never before taken.  There is an element of twin sense and knowing that you would do anything for your sibling within this book.

It is a dark novel full of female power, fierce love and a true sense of choosing your fate.

I devoured it in an evening, unable to leave the story at any point, needing to continue the adventure just as Drac needed to feast on blood.
Truly engrossing, utterly beautiful and a new girl power voice in the old Dracula legend.

Fast paced and truly adventurous
Heartbreaking and sad
Brave and fierce

Read it!

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