Fabio, The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective

Fabio, The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective
Mystery on the Ostrich Express
Written by Laura James
Illustrated by Emily Fox
Published by Bloomsbury

Fabio, a rather dashing and intelligent flamingo, is the best detective around.  He and his brilliant, but sometimes clumsy, associate Gilbert are going on holiday.  They are travelling in style on the famous Ostrich Express.

Of course, in true mystery style, a burglary takes place on board and it is up to Fabio and Gilbert to solve the mystery and apprehend the bandits!

Zazie, the stylish desert fox, has the Laloozee Ruby hanging from her neck. It comes with a legend that you must have a true heart or it will find a new owner.  
Bandits steal the legendary ruby and a great plan to retrieve it is hatched.  Fabio enlists the help of the Ostrich crew, Gilbert and all the animals travelling with them. 

Fabio believes that the bandits are led by none other than Janice Claw…an old nemesis who has escaped from jail and is on the run.  The sly leopard has a few tricks up her sleeve but nothing gets past Fabio!

Will Fabio and Gilbert get the ruby back? Who exactly is Zazie and can she be trusted? 

This series of books is a true pleasure to read and to look at.  Younger readers will find this an exceptional introduction to mystery novels and it is accessible in terms of language.  
The strong use of bold bright colours allows this to be used almost like a picture book.  A great stepping stone from picture books to short novels.

I loved The Case of the Missing Hippo and look forward to many more mysteries to solve with Fabio! 

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