Anna at War by Helen Peters

Anna at War
Helen Peters
Nosy Crow
Publishing in July 2019

I was so lucky to have received a proof copy of this delightful book.  I am a huge fan of stories set in WWII and I had a strong feeling that I would love Anna.  I didn’t know just how amazing this story would be or how quickly I would lose myself in the journey Anna takes across war torn Europe.

We first meet Anna as an old woman telling her grandson Daniel about her life during the war.
The same week she tells her story, a letter arrives from MI5 saying that her files will soon be released.  From that point onward I was completely enthralled and couldn’t wait to see what this woman had lived through.

Anna and her family are Jewish living in Nazi occupied Germany and one evening she is woken up by Nazis storming her home and taking her father away.  Life is tough and Anna misses the way life used to be.  Things do not get any better for Anna as her parents make the heart-wrenching decision to send her to England on Kindertransport.

I have always been fascinated by Kindertransport and the evacuation of so many children.  Hope for these children out of devastation.  Uprooted and living in a foreign country, away from those they love most.  I am not sure I would have been strong enough to endure that journey. 

Anna is one of the older children in her compartment and she is forced to take care of a baby and the younger children.  She proves herself to be kind, compassionate, reliable and determined.  Qualities she will continue to draw upon once she arrives in England.

War follows Anna across Europe and she is forced to make some tough decisions and to put her life at risk, several times.

There is so much excitement, bravery and nail biting moments throughout this book and I dare anyone not to be impressed with Anna.

Anna is amazing.  Brave, determined and heroic.  A true heroine of her own story.

I loved this book and would encourage anyone to read it and lose yourself in the adventures of Anna.

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