Evie’s War by Holly Webb

A chilly Spring bank holiday weekend and I can be found happily sat under a blanket enjoying the last pages of this incredible story.

I am a huge fan of books set during World War I or II and learning about how families survived in such horrifying circumstances. Rationing, telegrams, loss and patriotism at its best.  I always think about whether I could be as strong, brave and determined as the characters, especially those in Evie’s War.

Already suffering from a loss, Evie’s family quickly come to terms with the start of war.  It seems far away until a series of events brings it closer to home.  Emotions are high, people are scared and sacrifices must be made by all.  All citizens are encouraged to do their bit for the war effort and Evie and Kitty sell sweets, knit warm clothes and say goodbye to a beloved family pet who is needed at the front.  Their Dad takes on a night job and older brother David enlists years before he is of age.

Based on true events in 1914, the setting is Whitby and this was the scene of a bomb attack.  This event was weaved into the story almost as though Evie and Kitty were really there.  The relationship between the sisters is realistic and heart warming.  They love each other but can also squabble, as most siblings can attest to.  Times are hard for the family and they all must make sacrifices and deal with the blows that war inevitably brings.

I loved that parts of this book were written as letters to and from brother David at the front line.  It adds a truthful dimension to the story and allows the reader to connect to David although he is absent from day to day life.

Evie is a lovely heroine, full of spirit and determination.  She breaks the rules but for the greater good. Her heart is always in the right place!

Beautifully written, as we have come to expect from Holly Webb, this is a delight from start to finish.


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