Moon Landing Anniversary- 2 books to celebrate

When we walked on the Moon
David Long and Sam Kilda
Quarto Publishing Group
Publishing 4 June 2019

I, like many others, am curious about the space race, the moon landings and the history of space travel.  This gem of a book is brilliant.  It answered more questions than I realised I had.
With the 50th anniversary of the moon landings fast approaching, books about space travel are becoming more and more popular.
This book will take you from the first moon landing with the famous lines “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, all the way to the last Apollo mission several years later.  Sadly, I was unaware of just how many men had travelled, landed on and explored the surface of the moon.  This book will continue the journey of these brave men into the history books.  I found it fascinating to read about what scientific experiments they were doing, the amount of rocks they brought back and the danger of moon dust to their suits.
The illustrations are superb, with a real historical feel to them.  I found myself studying the control centre one looking at the fine details and imagining the scientists spending days there trying to save Apollo 13’s mission and astronauts.
This book belongs on every Non fiction shelf under the topic of space.  It is an excellent book full of facts about the landings and the men who landed.  I haven’t come across a book that explains the landings and gives a brief bio of each astronaut before and I thoroughly enjoyed every page.

The Race to Space
Clive Gifford and Paul Daviz
Quarto Publishing Group
Published May 2019

This is a stunning book documenting the Space Race between Russia and the United States- beginning after WWII and continuing through to the construction of the International Space Station.  Russia and the US, competed against each other in the race to explore space and the moon.  Rivals for a long time but now relying on each other to further this exploration of space.

The illustrations are stunning, bold and colourful.  They bring an interesting subject to a new generation of space explorers.  Children can access the short snappy facts alongside the brilliant pictures.

As we near the anniversary of the lunar landing, space is becoming hugely popular and children are keen to learn more about this new frontier.  New books are needed to continue this interest, especially one like this with its excellent layout and use of illustrations.

I loved the use of quotations from key people in the space race- some are etched in our minds and it is important new generations understand this part of history.

Fascinating and thorough- it is one to enjoy for all ages.


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