The Bad Luck Lighthouse by Nicki Thornton

It was wonderful to go back and spend time with Seth Seppi again. I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Chance Hotel and I was thrilled to see a second book.

In this mystery, Seth travels away from his home and the familiarity of his hotel. He follows Pewter to a new hotel where not all is as it seems. This is a longer book and full of mystery, intrigue and dark magic.

The Lighthouse is under construction to become a new fabulous hotel, but the builders have been frightened away. Once Seth arrives, a murder is committed and there are a few suspects. It seems lucky for Seth that he is not a suspect in this case. Is everyone who they say they are?

Favourite characters come to help solve the case, and Seth must try to learn some magic. He has been practicing but doesn’t have much success.

Twists, turns and long tunnels create a dark, enticing and spooky scene. It didn’t take me long to finish reading this wonder!

I can only hope there is a book 3 in the works!

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