The Secret Summer by Ali Standish

Miranda and her Mother have a troubled relationship. Miranda is not entirely sure why but she has memories of happier times. Miranda’s Mother is a photographer and gets to jet off to amazing locations for magazines and newspapers. She normally goes away for a few days but this time she will be away for a month.

Miranda is beIng sent to stay with her Mother’s best friend from childhood, someone who she has met once, someone who sends postcards that end up in the bin. Miranda decides to try and solve the mystery of her mother while on August Isle. She has so many questions but can she find the answers in just one month?

Miranda has to face her fears, learn to be brave and bold, and make new friends while away. It certainly isn’t easy and she learns a lot about herself. She must be who she is and who she wants to be. A very mature realisation for a twelve year old.

A series of events leads to a dare which leads to an unexpected summer spent documenting stories from an old man. The stories captivate Miranda and her friends. They look forward to their times spent with Mr Taylor.

Secrets are revealed, lost memories resurface and relationships repair. I had my theories but was pleased to be proven wrong.

This is a story to be treasured. I absolutely loved it and read it in one sitting. I will definitely be recommending this to my schools!

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