Chatterbox Bear by Pippa Curnick

I was immediately drawn to the bright, bold colours of this delightful book. It stands out from the crowd and I think it is stunning.

The bold use of colours, different fonts and text styles plus the brilliant story make this a fast favourite in my house.

Poor Gary, a chatterbox, sets out to find someone who will appreciate him and his noise. Eventually he finds an Island but now has the issue of not understanding the language of the birds. The birds can’t speak bear. How can they communicate?

A solution that made us laugh out loud is found and the island celebrates their new found friend. It proves that we can communicate with anyone if we use our imagination. When faced with the challenge, Gary and the birds came up with a simple yet brilliant plan to solve the problem.

What will happen if someone new finds the island? Will the same method of communication be enough?

This is the next book I am planning to read to a class of Year 1 and 2 children, as I know the message within the story will be heard loud and clear with them!


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