Sneaky Beak by Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

This is a hilarious story, full of bounce test bunnies, cool gadgets and the ultimate salesman, Sneaky Beak!

Sneaky Beak appears on tv adverts trying to sell bouncy beds. His sales technique fills Bear with enough self doubt to order a new bed, new bath and better, crunchier breakfast cereal. But Does Bear feel happier with his new things?

A brilliant story that would be ideal for those children in your life who need the newest toy, gadget, phone to keep up with the market. As soon as we buy our children something, they are already planning the next toy or game they want. I love that this book tackles materialism and teaches the lesson that newer is not always better.

I am a huge fan of Tracey Corderoy and this book happily gets added on to our favourites list. Tony Neal brings Sneaky Beak to life with his huge, in your face salesman personality. An excellent character.

I will plan on sharing this with a small school during our next assembly. It will make them laugh out loud and we can chat about whether newer is better!

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