Tooth Fairy in Training by Michelle Robinson

I think it was the super shiny and sparkling cover that first drew me in, but once I started reading I realised that this is a wonderful, rhyming story of Tate. Tate and sister May are tooth fairies and travel the world collecting teeth from kids.

May is teaching Tate how to “practise the old switcheroo”, coin for tooth from under sleeping heads.

My favourite line and illustration from the book has to be

We learn that lots of animals lose teeth too! It’s a very sweet book with stunning illustrations throughout. Briony May Smith has illustrated a few of my recent favourites, including Nell and the Circus of Dreams and Stardust. Her unique style is beautiful, full of details and a lovely use of colours.

My youngest still believes in the tooth fairy and this is a perfect book for any child holding on to that belief. My daughter could very well be like the little girl at the end of the book, who loves to catch and kiss fairies!

I highly recommend this sparkling book….maybe put it under the pillow in place of a coin!

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  1. We could’ve done with this book when Littlefae lost her first tooth!! However I know she’s got a lot to go so this will still have use when she loses her next one!!


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