Princess BMX by Marie Basting

Illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino, Published by Chicken House Books

A wild ride of a book, perfect for readers who want a modern twist on a fairytale classic.

Avariella is not your typical sit pretty, follow etiquette and do as she is told Princess. She is more likely to be found sliding down the stairs in a potato sack and getting told off by her father, The King of Biscotti! She has courage, determination and a curious sense of adventure. All of which tend to get her into trouble.

A funny cast of characters keep the reader and Avariella in good company

Sir Jeffrey Bobbersons- Jeb for short. A fluffy curly haired puppy.

Doreen- micro Unicorn, not very bright.

Bertie- annoying brother, keen to follow Royal Protocol.

We also meet Ethan, Cleo, Mad Aunt Maude and Tyson (her pet tea bag who wears a tiny bobble hat), Odette (evil Aunt) and Nigel (Godfather extraordinaire).

As she is excluded from her families royal trip, Avariella finds her potato sack and continues her sliding. Landing in the ballroom she is met with the delicious scent of toasted marshmallows, and a strange purple mist. Where the hearth once was, is now a hole. Avariella follows her fluffy pet dog down the hole and lands in Camden Town.

What a weird and wonderful place! Mohican clad men, brightly coloured shops and noisy streets! Having visited Camden for the first time a few months ago, I knew exactly what Avariella was experiencing. It is a sight to behold and a colourful gem of London.

Avariella meets Ethan and Cleo and falls head over heels for their BMX bikes. She must have one and learn how to do all the amazing tricks and skills. It isn’t easy to learn but she perseveres and over time and multiple visits, it all starts to fall into place. Ava doesn’t know she will need to draw on these rad new skills to save her kingdom and her family!

A fast paced adventure is being set up and it centres around the weird woman following them in Camden. She is actually the exiled sister of the king, and she is pure evil, set on destroying the kingdom!

Spells are cast on the knights and their steeds, family members are kidnapped and Avariella is locked in her bedroom. Who will save them all?

Princess BMX! That’s who!

This is a perfect book to empower girls to be who they want to be, learn what they are keen to learn and to be brave and curious! Avariella breaks the rules but she knows there is more to life than curtsying, cutting ribbons and smiling politely. She wants to wear jeans, ride a bike and wave madly with 2 hands!

My daughter and I started this book together and loved it. We both laughed at Doreen, thought Bertie would be an annoying brother and wondered if we could find a potato sack to race in.

Oh my Curly candy, this is a brilliant book!

I could say so much more but it is one to read and enjoy!

Come back on Monday 5th August for my spot on the blog tour! Looking forward to sharing some insights from the lovely Marie Basting!

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