The Princess Who Flew with Dragons

Written by Stephanie Burgis, Illustrated by Freya Hartas, Published by Bloomsbury

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from meeting Sofia and learning about her past to seeing her blossom into an intrepid traveller and diplomat.

At the beginning of the story I could not have foreseen the brilliant adventure that was to come. There are frozen royalty, ice giants and loyal dragons, plus a tricky kobold to keep it all interesting!

Sofia is not a great princess, she prefers her own company and tries not to leave her rooms. Older sister Katrin is now the Crown Princess and ruler of Drachenburg, bossy and not particularly caring towards Sofia. Theirs is a troubled relationship.

Sofia is sent to the Diamond Exhibition in another kingdom but is not made to feel welcome, due to arriving by dragon. Sofia uses this opportunity to hide herself on Scholars’ Island and learn from the greatest philosopher.

Trouble ensues and Sofia finds herself mixed up with goblins and a kobold. Quick friendships are formed and they hang out together for a couple of weeks. That is until Katrin finds out and travels to Sofia.

Trouble finds them all in the form of angry ice giants intent on protecting their lands from invasions. They freeze all the royals and a dragon. Sofia decides to save them and to do anything to find her sister. This includes making a pact with the kobold in exchange for invisibility.

Adventure doesn’t get any better than flying on a dragon to a northern world, meeting and speaking with angry ice giants and saving her sister. All this from a Princess Who doesn’t feel like a Princess.

An easy, enjoyable read and part of a series involving the dragons, Jasper and Aventurine. I am already adding those to my wishlist. The characters are well planned and the adventures are brilliant, making you feel you are a part of the action!

Highly recommended for all!

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