Booklife Publishing

I approached Booklife Publishing some time ago requesting some of their new and exciting Non fiction to add to my blog. I read a lot of picture books and Middle grade fiction but noticed that I hadn’t offered any non fiction reviews or suggestions. They kindly sent me a selection and I have enjoyed reading these!

It is very timely as well as I am currently working with a few school libraries in re-working their NF sections. I am now well versed in the Dewey system and can spot an old and tired looking book from a shelf away.

In recommending new titles to these schools I can honestly and confidently direct them to Booklife. The books sent to me were glossy, hardback, full of up to date information and illustrations or photos. These will inspire children to read and learn!

Let’s start with animals as many children will gravitate towards the familiarity of creatures and beasts in the world.

Animals with Superpowers Series, See in the Dark. This brightly designed book is so enticing and I was so keen to find out about animals that see in the dark. There are 3 others in this series; Regenerate, Mega Weapons and Invisibility. All look wonderful and would be very popular in schools.

Bright, bold pages give a host of information for younger readers.
Written by Emilie Dufresne, Designed by Amy Li

This book allows the reader to find out about animals who have sight superpowers. There is excellent use of scientific language balanced with a simple format, real photos with illustrations and all the familiar features of a non fiction book.

Next up is another series featuring animals…Animal vs Animal Who’s the…Fastest, Bendiest, Biggest, Brightest, Deadliest, Strongest! I have Who’s the Fastest and it is a fun book, starting with an introduction to The Great and Small Games! We meet the Contenders and learn their facts and figures before they begin the games.

Fun illustrations make this a delightful way to see who the fastest is.
Written by Kirsty Holmes

I loved that the animals chosen were not always the most popular or well known animals. The variety of games highlighted the abilities of each animal. Land, air and sea animals were all represented. A brilliant way to learn about the ‘best’ of the world.

Moving on from animals to space….another hugely popular topic for children. Learning about space, planets, the sun and moon can be fun with the right resources! These two books are perfect for a younger reader as they do not have huge amounts of text but the quality of vocabulary is high. There is a large proportion of illustrations and photos to make it a more visual reference.

Part of a series featuring The Planets, The Stars, The Sun and The Moon
Written by Gemma McMullen

Fascinating facts and photos create a super space atmosphere. I can see this one flying off the shelves!

Another series, perfect for schools is Piggles’ Guide to…Space shuttles, Aeroplanes, Airships, Gliders, Helicopters, and Hot Air Balloons! Piggles, the expert instructor is ready to take us flying! This is a highlight for me. I love the play on words that Pigs Might Fly and that Piggles is an expert in aviation.

Fun illustrations prove that Pigs Can Fly!
By Kirsty Holmes

Each book takes you through Lessons and we can see how each machine flies and works. Created for younger readers, it is accessible but still has that rich vocabulary we want them to learn. I will definitely be recommending this series for schools. Piggles is a cutie and very knowledgeable!

So that concludes my first proper foray into Non fiction titles! Thank you to Booklife Publishing for their kindness and patience! I blame summer holidays for getting in my blogging way!

Come back tomorrow for more in the Booklife series!

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