Booklife Publishing the Second!

Today is my second blog about Booklife Publishing and the incredible non fiction titles they are creating. So far, all the books have been a part of a series that would be popular in primary schools and some with younger readers.

Tonight we look at the computers!

Schools I am currently working with have the challenge of getting high quality, relevant books for their students. The books from Booklife are lovely and I can happily recommend them.

I am a big fan of infographics, putting numbers and percentages to facts. This series has 12 books in the series covering topics from Computers to Habitats, Space to Evolution and Human Body to Continents. A fascinating way to learn about how the world uses computers.

By John Wood, Designed by Jasmine Pointer

I learned a lot from this book as I can honestly say I am not part of the technologically advanced world! Computers and smartphones are amazing but beyond my understanding. This book broke it all down and made it clear and concise for me. This would be a great series for children not interested in reading large chunks of text, but wanting to learn more about their chosen topic.

De:Code is a series designed specially for computers, coding and games. They act as specialised dictionaries for these topics. Where have these been all my life? I now have a better understanding of Beta, Cryptocurrency and phishing.

By William Anthony

These could come in handy for those tricky ICT lessons that need to be taught, keeping in mind we are teaching children who know so much already. Excellent resource to have. My son is a “gamer” (his word choice, not mine) and it might help me relate more to him if I could keep up with the lingo!

Tomorrow will feature the last four books from my pile. We will cover history, a city, a continent and volcanoes! More brilliant books to explore!

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