Booklife Publishing the Third!

Three days of books from the incredible authors, illustrators and designers at Booklife Publishing…it goes to show just how vast and various their titles range. Schools would be spoiled for choice when shopping here!

Today we spend time in Ancient Greece, visit New Delhi and North America before learning about that which shakes the Earth, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

History, geography, Earth Science and one more animal book.

Ancient Greece, Unlocking Ancient Civilisations

This is a more intense book geared for those in Upper KS2. It is full of facts and photos in longer text and using higher vocabulary. It takes you from Everyday Life to Culture, Writing to Religion and The Olympic Games. Greece is a widely studied subject in schools and this updated book will increase the enthusiasm for learning more.

By George Cottrell

Three other books follow in this series: The Shang Dynasty, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

As we move through history we travel around the globe to a huge, bustling city in India, New Delhi. Using photos and the clever use of luggage tag facts make this an enjoyable book. I would recommend it for Year 2 and up. It has information for tourism, food and travel. Perfect for learning about new places and cultures, I bet this would be very popular!

By Amy Allatson

More city adventures include Sydney, London, New York and Beijing. This could be a huge series featuring many of the worlds greatest cities. Excellent! Makes me want to travel!

From New Delhi, we track across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean until we reach North America! This is home for me, being from Canada! It makes me sad to know that we are damaging the world we share with these animals. This book explains some reasons why animals are becoming endangered.

By Grace Jones

I enjoyed the layout of this book and found it interesting to know why the animals are in danger and what steps are being taken to protect them. I especially liked the “How can I make a difference” section at the back. We need to be educating our children how they can help animals, the environment and the planet.

Of course, this is part of a series looking at Endangered Animals from each continent.

We end on a bang! Or an eruption! Volcanoes and Earthquakes are always fascinating for children!

Again the book is part of a series and it looks at natural disasters such as famine and drought and hurricanes and tornadoes. These books answer the basic questions such as What causes an earthquake? Are there different kinds of volcanoes? Aimed at Year 2 and above this book covers all the basics, again with rich vocabulary, factual photos and illustrations.

By Joanna Brundle

As you can see, so many brilliant books from Booklife Publishing and all worth another look, and certainly to be considered for schools.

Thank you Booklife for the opportunity to read and review your books. It was such a fun experience and one I would love to ensure continues. I like to think that I am becoming more widely read and want to put that across in my blog.

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