Winter Sleep

Written by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss
Illustrated by Cinyee Chiu
Published by Quarto Publishing Group

I loved this book- from first seeing the cover to poring over it all page by page to the end. It is stunning, full of lovely illustrations and an almost poetic description of hibernation.

It explains how animals spend the end of summer through the autumn preparing for their long sleep and it shows a huge variety of mammals, fish and insects sleeping through the winter.

From “the summer magic of the night” to the “cosy magic of the dark night outside”. Poetic!

A brilliant book to celebrate the magic and science of hibernation. “Can you imagine going to bed in winter and not getting up until spring?”- I bet sometimes we can but our bodies are not designed to do so. There are some amazing facts at the end that surprised me- like the woodchuck- only taking one breath every five minutes during hibernation. Amazing.

Although this would be ideal for classes studying hibernation, I feel that this is one that could be read and enjoyed by all, regardless of the season. It is a beautiful book!

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