Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero

Written by Clive Gifford, Illustrated by Jonathan Woodward
Published by Buster Books, Developed in partnership with ClientEarth

Publishing this week is an excellent resource for schools, children and families looking to make valuable, conscious decisions about saving the planet. We can all make changes that will positively affect our world, nature and animals. This book outlines why the planet needs our help in honest yet child friendly language. It then goes on to provide handy tips and ideas for easy changes anyone can make.

A great starting point for becoming an Eco-Hero

Chapters are focused on a variety of subjects, including green energy, oceans and forests. Children could choose a focus area, study the science and use the helpful tips and ideas in their own home and school. Many schools are creating Eco-Squads…teams of children looking at ways to make their schools environmentally friendly.

There is an incredible amount of press coverage about the planet, global warming, emissions and extinction of beloved creatures. Mass protests are taking place around the world and books are published with an eco friendly focus….children are keen to know and learn more. This is the generation who will make the right choices but they need books like this one to ensure they understand the science, know what choices there are and include them as part of a daily routine.

I love the colourful illustrations and ways that ideas are presented. It has an ‘infographic’ feel to it. The text is broken up into smaller paragraphs so it is incredibly user friendly and with the chapters, it can be dipped into at any point.

I enjoyed reading through the science as, in all honesty, I was never entirely sure about greenhouse gases, renewable energy and waste disposal. Now I feel more informed and I am willing to try most of the ideas suggested by the book.

A fabulous new edition to a school library….I imagine a waiting list of readers wanting to become Guardians of the Planet!

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