Prehistoric! A gem of a book!

Written by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Illustrated by Julius Csotonyi
Published by What On Earth Books
A stunning cover hints at what is inside!

I was so pleased to receive a copy of this book. It is a wondrous hardback book and will be perfect for schools! Working in school libraries I know that dinosaur books are incredibly popular with all ages of children. I feel that this book will appeal more to a KS2 student as it has charts, diagrams and plenty of text.

The contents page divides the book into periods of time, making it easy to see what Earth, dinosaurs and environment were like in those years. I appreciate that the book has some discussions on environmental issues such as climate change, oil and gas, as well as plastics.

The illustrations are dramatic, colourful and beautiful. They allow the reader to imagine what these incredible creatures would have looked like. There were some familiar dinosaurs as well as some unfamiliar ones.

I will be adding this book to a science display in a school. It immediately draws your attention and begs to be read!

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