Cicada Books- New and Notable

Cicada Books very kindly sent me a selection of their titles to peruse! I spent a lot of time reading the three and sharing them with my children. They were all vastly different but offered the reader new experiences and ways of interacting with the books!

Newly Published Titles by Cicada Books

Fly is being told she is flying all wrong by blackbird, stork and flocks of other birds. She is getting frustrated and just wants to fly her own way. She likes to fly in wibbles, wobbles and wavies!

When Butterfly asks an innocent question, Fly has had enough and lets loose all her flying frustrations! However, Butterfly is admiring Flys fancy moves. A super book looking at originality, being true to yourself and not following the ways of others. Simply and strikingly illustrated, this book is brilliant!

As we grow up responsibilities take hold and we need to act like adults. However, this book encourages us to remember what it feels like to dance, to run and to have fun! Let your inner child out and continue to do all these amazing things anyway.

This funny book shows adults and their inner children in a new and original way. One that is sure to delight readers of all ages!

An incredible doubling journey for budding mathematicians! Starting with one, then 2, 4 and all the way up past 1 million! The dots are used to form raindrops, stars, grass and a cityscape. Impossible to count for yourself, you are forced to simply enjoy the image!

A completely unique way to look at numbers, and it takes the concept of doubling to new levels. I can see this being very popular with our younger readers as they delight with the climbing numbers.

I have been thrilled with this selection of books and am taking them to one of my schools where I know they will be borrowed immediately!

Thank you Cicada Books!

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