Dr Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Published by Buster Books on 5 September.

What a mesmerising and engaging book about space and the solar system. Space has some astonishing facts, science and history surrounding it, and although there are many books about space….this one is going to the top!!

I am a big fan of Dr Maggie and have watched Mini Stargazing on CBeebies. I love her calm voice, easy way of explaining things and obvious delight in the cosmos!

This book is colourful, engaging and feels as though Dr Maggie is speaking directly to me. It creates a very personal interaction between the reader and the book. I found myself flipping between pages, going from the planets to the ISS, and through the Asteroid Belt. There was so much to read and learn.

I love a map in a book!

With the celebrations of the Moon Landings this year, we are seeing the next generation become interested in space. Tim Peake and Chris Hadfield also did wonders for increasing interest in space travel, the ISS and where we might explore next. Dr Maggie allows the reader to discover facts, learn about Moon phases and about space junk (which I found completely amazing.

Space Junk

I am a huge fan of infographics and this book has a section at the end full of them. I find they give a reader new ways of understanding facts, perfect for younger readers who might shy away from large chunks of text.

Illustrating fun facts

The perfect space book to suit the entire family! An inspiring woman full of knowledge ready to ensure there is a new generation of astronauts, scientists and astrophysicists!

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