Jane Eyre: A Retelling by Tanya Landman

Barrington Stoke are raising the bar in publishing accessible titles written and retold by some of the most popular authors on the market.

A few weeks ago it was Dyslexia Awareness Week, an opportunity to celebrate Barrington Stoke and the incredible titles they publish. These titles make reading enjoyable and stress free for readers struggling with white pages and small text.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Jane Eyre: A retelling by Tanya Landman. This is publishing in the new year and will be a hugely popular title. It is a completely accessible retelling that maintains the spookiness and fear of the original title.

In all bookish honesty, I have tried to read the original Jane Eyre, and failed each time, whether due to the raw emotion, the spooky nature or the intense events. I appreciate classic literature and really must make more effort to read this.

Tanya Landman has ensured the intensity, the depth of characters and the fear remain in this book. It is a simplified version, telling the story of Jane, her abusive childhood, time spent in school and then her career at Thornfield Hall.

Mr Rochester owns Thornfield Hall and Jane is employed as governess there for 7 year old Adele. Adele is a perfect student and Jane enjoys teaching her. However, the house is a different matter. Strange noises, sporadic laughter and secrets in the attic create a sinister, spooky setting.

A series of dangerous events sets the truth in motion for Jane, and she again finds herself without love and a home. If you know the story, then you will know the ending. If not, then I can highly recommend reading this brilliant retelling of a timeless Classic.

Barrington Stoke….On my own behalf, can I please request more Classics? They are epic stories but not always easy to read, even for the most capable reader. I can guarantee they would be borrowed!

More Barrington Stoke Titles I am keen to read!

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