Focus on New Frontier Publishing

New Frontier Publishing has some beautiful books in its catalogue and I am so pleased to have the chance to share them on my blog. They are unique, wonderfully illustrated and perfect for all ages. I can highly recommend New Frontier, so go and check them out!

A wide variety of picture books!

The Happily Ever After Series

Illustrated by Helene Magisson, Annie White, Owen Swan and Celeste Hulme.

The Happily Ever After Series is a lovely addition to my shelves of fairytales. I love traditional tales and different versions of old classics. This set of 5 titles cover some of the most popular tales in history. They are all wonderfully illustrated and carry the tag line of “A new twist on a classic fairytale”.

The stories are basically the same, but with small changes always maintaining a happily ever after ending. These are easy to read and beautifully illustrated ensuring younger readers can enjoy them.

My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Written by Maura Finn, Illustrated by Aura Parker

A cover full of colour and sweets just begs to be read. Believing in the magic of his seed, a little boy takes care of his jelly bean tree until is grows and grows and showers him with jelly beans. It also provides him with space for an excellent tree house. He crowns himself Jelly Bean King and invites his family over for a jelly bean feast! Wondrous illustrations take the reader on a delicious tale of jelly bean magic!

Who’s Afraid of the Quite Nice Wolf?

Written by Kitty Black, Illustrated by Laura Wood

Wilfred is not your typical wolf, he is kind and friendly, not scary, although he belongs to a scary pack. Wilfred tries to fit in but being mean and scary does not come naturally. When a plot to attack the sheep is revealed, Wilfred knows what he must do. Instead of being attacked, the sheep go on the defensive and attack the wolves. A wonderful tale of being true to yourself and choosing right over wrong. Wilfred ends up happy and doing what he likes.

Let’s Go! On a Rocket, Let’s Go! On a Ferry

Written by Rosalyn Albert, Illustrated by Natalia Moore

A colourful and fun series of books about travelling, perfect for toddlers. With vivid illustrations bringing travel to life, these are wonderful for sharing. I love the rhyming text and way that easy facts are incorporated. New vocabulary is introduced and these will excite the littlest travellers to go farther and to use their imaginations. Rocket, Ferry and Train are the current titles available.

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