A Sprinkle of Sorcery

A Sprinkle of Sorcery
Written by Michelle Harrison
Cover Illustration by Melissa Castrillon
Publishing 2020 by Simon and Schuster
I requested and was granted the book via Netgalley.

Welcome back to the Poacher’s Pocket Inn, where Granny Widdershins rules over Betty, Fliss and Charlie, all the while grumping at the customers.

This book begins, not with the Widdershin sisters, but with a local legend about a powerful witch, a black raven and a cruel lord. He had fallen in love with the witch and when he was rejected, he blinded her and cut her tongue. Escaping to a hidden island, she lived simply with her raven. However, over time stories about her swilled around and she was visited again by the lord.

This legend is imperative to the rest of the story and is used to help Betty, Fliss and Charlie on their next adventure, which finds them one stormy night after the prison bells have tolled. A prisoner has escaped and the warders are on the hunt. Doors are locked and lights are out, when Betty notices Charlie is missing. Finding her in the yard, they see another child cowering in amongst the crates.

The adventure begins here, as warders soon come knocking looking for a young girl. A young girl who has been hidden using the nesting dolls. A young girl who the warders believe to be Charlie. Charlie and Granny are both taken this night and it falls to Betty and Fliss to find them and bring them home.

Brave and bold Betty prepares them for the journey and they head out on the water searching for clues. The young girl, Willow, carries a few secrets with her, including a wisp, which can be dangerous. The girl and her mother have escaped exile in order to save her father who has been wrongly accused of murder. Time is ticking and his execution is days away. Believing the wisp to be helpful, the girl protects it.

Unknown dangers lurk in every dark corner, every mist swirling direction and certainly in the shipwreck of Rusty Swindles, the most dangerous smuggler of all. Betty heads into adventure with fear in her heart but determination in her soul. She will find Charlie and she will help Willow but it might just be the last thing she does.

Betty soon finds herself devising plans to trick Ronia, the most dangerous pirate captain, recalling the legend of the witch and her Raven and having hope against all odds that she will do as she needs.

This is an incredible journey to travel on and I would definitely trust Betty to lead me. She is brave, loving and determined to do the right thing. Her fierce love for her family has her facing dire situations and hope is all she has at times. A plot line full of twists, new characters to love and hate and mysterious hag stones showing true islands. So much brilliance to shout about in this sequel!

Wonderfully atmospheric, full of legends and magic, this is a tale to transport you! It will take you back in time to when legends were told and believed. Back to a time when fear lived as a character in a story and back to a time when corruption was rife and honesty was hard to find. The Widdershins are honest, brave and bold and they are the heroines of their own story!

It was so wonderful to be back with the Widdershins family, and I wonder what they might get up to next. Please say there will be a third….

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