WAAAAAA! By Vanessa Horn and Alex Willmore

Published by Tiny Tree Books

Millie McBean waits anxiously and excitedly to meet her new baby brother. However, he isn’t all smiles and giggles. In fact, all he wants to do is cry, WAAAAAA!

Millie tries to cheer him up by offering her teddy bear, then a story and then a toy but nothing is working. All Rudy continues to do is cry!

Feeling sad and dis-heartened, Millie needs to figure out a way to make Rudy happy. Finally she figures out the perfect way to stop his tears. It is in that moment that Millie feels the love and connection between her new baby brother and herself.

This is a perfect book for growing families, enabling them to understanding and feel more included when a new sibling is brought home. It will certainly help new siblings accept the newness and needs of babies.

Beautifully illustrated with soft nighttime colours and with a poetic quality to the story, it is a book to be treasured.

Come back on Thursday for a special guest blog from Vanessa Horn. Having had a sneak peek, it is worth the extra visit!

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