BookLife Publishing!

BookLife Publishing have very kindly sent a box of books to be read and reviewed. I opened the box excitedly and it struck me that I shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy the process of reading and writing about them!

I work with a small school of 45 children. As the classes are mixed, it is sometimes hard to find appropriate and fun activities that appeal to all. This activity was met with excitement, curiosity and a sense of responsibility! The children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 all felt incredibly privileged to have new books to browse.

I set the task of choosing a book, reading it and studying it. I then asked them to think about whether they would recommend it, share it and want to use it in lessons. The resounding answer was YES! Even before they read all the books.

My reviews will be broken into four days of reviews and will include my thoughts as well as those of the students. Today I am promoting a series entitled, “Why Do I…?”

Written by Kirsty Holmes, Harriet Brundle and Madeline Tyler

As soon as the children saw the titles of these, there were squeals of delight. Bodily functions seem to be unique in uniting boys and girls in wanting to read about poo, dribble, snot and blood. These are a colourful, fun and engaging way to learn about the systems of the body.

Comments from children included the following; “it looks interesting and a bit gross- just what I like” and “itching totally feels like bugs crawling on you”.

We all agreed that children aged 6 and older would love this set of books. The pictures inside are very engaging and sometimes funny, perfect for the younger learner.

The entire series answers their title questions perfectly and in a simple and effective way. Using some higher level vocabulary balanced with an easy description makes them perfect for the library or classroom.

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