Sam Wu is Not afraid of Zombies

Written by Katie and Kevin Tsang
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Published by Egmont

We are big fans of Sam Wu, having read and laughed our way through his other “scary” adventures.

This is a series that goes from strength to strength with every new title published. Sam Wu is not afraid of a lot of things but this time, he is especially not afraid of zombie werewolves in the basement.

Ralph Zimmerman announces he has zombie werewolves living in his basement keeping him awake at night. They are getting louder and Sam Wu and gang are called in to help!

Excellent illustrations throughout the whole book!

Donning their protective gear, down they all go to explore the basement! What they see sends them running straight back up the stairs! Sitting down to dinner with Ralph and Regina’s parents later (Sam believes they are spies or zombie werewolf hunters), they get invited to a Halloween party to be held at the museum.

The night of the Halloween party arrives, with all the children wearing fabulous costumes and getting into the spooky spirit. An idea to research mummies is suggested and the children set off to explore. What they find is a surprise!

This series is always being recommended, loaned, shared and spoken about in our libraries and I can add this to the list! It will be off the shelf within moments.

Can’t wait for the next one….wonder what Sam Wu will not be afraid of next???

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