BookLife Publishing!

Yesterday the series “Why Do I…?” was the feature set of books from BookLife Publishing. Today, I have chosen the selection of books featuring animals. Animals are always very popular books in a school library, and these were snapped up quickly in our review session.

Reptiles to Food Webs to Eating Habits- A Great Selection

All of these titles are part of a series. This is a strength of BookLife. They have well planned and researched titles that go well together in a series. It gives schools a perfect opportunity to ensure a range of learning comes from their titles.

Children’s comments included, “good detail”, “love the pictures of real reptiles”, “reptiles are more interesting than I thought”, “animals eat gross things”, “lots of people will like this book”.

Forest Food Webs by William Anthony

This is one titles in the Food Webs series. Other titles include Desert, Ocean, Grassland, Mountain and River.

Many of the animals are from North America and although recognisable to the children, many commented they would like to see a real moose or beaver. I think this added to the appeal of the book, and the photos are beautiful.

Great information about the animals featured on each page

Written in the first person, you read each page as though you are each animal. Great use of vocabulary and diagrams to show the food web. Simple enough to be used in younger year groups. Many of our children thought a Year 1 or 2 would love these books too!

Animals Eat What? Bones and Bodies by Holly Duhig

Part of a 4 book series, other titles include Blood and Guts, Rubbish and Waste and Sick and Poo. The children were right…animals eat gross things. A fascinating look at the diets of animals around the world.

The animals have a Top Trumps style rating chart that the children loved and used to compare the animals. Again, as many of the animals were familiar, they loved looking at the pictures and learning new facts.

The covers, design and features of these books are all high quality. Great use of colours and pictures, ensuring the children were keen to pick these up first!

Reptiles: Reproduction by Joanna Brundle

Other titles in the 4 title Reproduction series are Birds, Fish and Mammals. All of these would be brilliant in a school library.

This title appealed to the Upper KS2 children as there was plenty of text, higher level vocabulary and scientific terms. Many of them felt this would be a challenging read but an enjoyable one.

They were captivated by the gharials and sea turtles, constantly flipping between these reptiles for more information. I really liked the layout of each page, using captions and headers. It makes the book easy to navigate and read.

A brilliant set of books for those animal loving children in your school!

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