BookLife Publishing!

Hobbies and Sports are my focus with the next set of books from BookLife Publishing. Two books about coding and programming and one about swimming. The computer focused books were quickly snapped up by the students, proving how relevant those titles are for children. I admit to being surprised at just how popular the swimming title was as well.

Wonderful books to capture the interests of children

The Perfect Program by Kirsty Holmes, What is Coding by Steffi Cavell-Clarke and Thomas Welch

The comments from children who read these titles were, “it looks really interesting”, “loved learning the history of code and Alan Turing”, “the illustrations were excellent”.

Coding and Programming are so popular and relevant for students, some of whom now aspire to be gamers or youtubers when they are older. Code Academy and The Perfect Program is part of 6 book series about the basics of coding and computers. What is Coding is also part of a 6 book series looking at the basics such as databases, computer languages and staying safe online.

Both titles are perfect for KS2 students who are keen to know more about how things work and understanding the basics of computers and technology. These are vital skills for the children today, many of whom are more advanced than I am in terms of computers.

The Science of Swimming by Emilie Dufresne

Children are fascinated by water and swimming, most of my classes today having experienced lessons and time in pools.

Comments about this title included, “I love the cover design using the shapes”, “it gives good tips for jumping in and floating”, “they are using science to help explain how we swim-that’s so cool”.

With high level vocabulary, scientific terms and diagrams, this would suit Upper KS2 perfectly. Other sports included in the “Science of” series are Athletics, Cricket, Football, Ice Hockey and Tennis.

This series would fly off the shelves as it takes a different approach to sports and provides great tips to become better through using scientific techniques.

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