BookLife Publishing!

Bodies, Organs and Systems form the last part of this blog series courtesy of BookLife Publishing.

The children loved the look of these books but it was the teachers who were really keen to get their hands on them! They could foresee plenty of opportunities to use these in lessons and were begging to keep them.

Again, the strength of BookLife is that these are all part of a series.

Authors of this series are Robin Twiddy, John Wood, Charlie Ogden, Kirsty Holmes, Grace Jones and William Anthony.

Brilliant body books with exciting new covers, new ways of sharing the science in our bodies and the use of cartoons are sure to entice readers to choose these books. The teachers loved the bold colours and knew these would appeal more than some books which have been around for a long time.

All suitable for KS2, these take children through organs such as your ears, lungs and skin or help us to take a closer look at viruses and parasites.

Great use of technical terms, scientific explanations and diagrams prove just how amazing our bodies are.

A huge thank you to BookLife Publishing for their kindness in sending such high quality books. The children were so excited to be a part of the reviewing process.

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