Dragon Detective: Catnapped by Gareth P. Jones

Illustrations by Scott Brown, Published by Stripes

An old school detective named Dirk Dilly has been called on a case of a missing cat. Not normally his thing, he decides to humour the young girl calling him and look for her cat. However, he soon finds himself embroiled in a massive catnapping taking the town by surprise.

When Holly, the girl with the missing cat, stumbles into Dirk’s office, she finds him hiding. Unravelling that mystery, she learns that he is a dragon detective. Begging to help him solve the mystery, they form an unlikely partnership. One that actually saves their lives.

This is a wonderful old school detective story, with stake outs, warehouses full of secrets and a twist towards the end that keeps you guessing!

I loved the name Dirk Dilly for the dragon detective! There is also a fabulous character, Mrs Klingerflim, who, blind as a bat, hasn’t realised that Dirk is a dragon and drives like a mad woman! A skill that comes in handy this adventure.

A super new series, perfect for younger readers looking for a juicy story to dive into. A second in the series is introduced at the end of this book and I am already hooked and wanting to read more.

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