Otto Tattercoat and the Forest of Lost Things

Written by Matilda Woods, Illustrated by Kathrin Honesta, Published 2020

In a cold frozen city named Hodeldorf, Otto and his coat making Mother are visiting to sell her creations. She leaves Otto in the hotel while she goes out to sell, however she doesn’t return and without money to pay, Otto is kicked out of the hotel. Otto is stranded in this strange and cold city with only his warm coat to protect him.

A chance encounter with Nim introduces Otto to the city where homeless children, a collection of them called Tattercoats, roam and abide by a strict set of rules. They are only allowed to take what they need, have one coat at a time and “if another Tattercoat is in trouble, you must always help them out”!

Otto, being completely new and not realising the danger he is in, gets lured and tricked into a boot polish factory. Here he may find warmth but the work is long and arduous, food is small and awful and there seems to be no escape.

Luckily for Otto, his Tattercoat friend, Nim has not forgotten him and helps him escape. This is a huge adventure but the true heart of the story is still to come.

Otto, Nim and Blink, a disgraced Tattercoat, travel to the Forest of Lost Things looking for Otto’s mother. Finding enchanted trees, a talking wolf pack and a mean witch is only the beginning of the trouble. The Tattercoats need to work together to trick the witch, help the wolves and defeat The Travelling Salesman. He seems to be holding all the problems of Hodeldorf in his hands.

Will all the adventuring bring Otto and his mother back together? Will the imprisoned children in the boot polish factory be released and will Hodeldorf remain eternally frozen?

All will be revealed within the pages of Matilda Woods’ latest book. I have adored her previous titles and knew this one would be equally as magical. A completely enchanting tale of hope, friendship and enchantments in The Forest of Lost Things.

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