Blissful Weekend Reading

I had been struggling with my reading habits lately and protected my weekend from other commitments so I could spend more time with books. I read dozens of picture books and five chapter books, caught up with some blogging and twitter-verse and feel like it was a balm to my soul.

Four of these are highly illustrated chapter books perfect for ages 7-9 and Fierce, Fearless and Free is myths and legends from other cultures. All were easy to read, enjoyable and ones I would recommend widely.

Written by Lari Don, Illustrated by Eilidh Muldoon
Published by Bloomsbury

Myths and Legends are fascinating and creative stories passed down through the centuries. There has been an influx of books featuring stories from other cultures where it is heroines who save the day and this book would be a brilliant addition to any bookshelf! The title illustrations are beautiful and detailed with strong female characters at the forefront.

Each tale is from a different culture and though I have several books featuring heroines from countries around the world, these tales were unfamiliar and new. I particularly loved the tale from China called The Lace Dragon, and the girl’s skill in creating a dragon made from lace. The tale from Italy, reminiscent of Rapunzel, twists at the end as the girl goes off to explore the world.

A super collection of myths and legends!

Written by Lara Williamson, Illustrated by Becky Cameron
Published by Stripes

These colourful illustrated chapter books are perfect for readers growing in confidence. They offer a brilliant story, beautiful illustrations and Stripes are publishing plenty of titles within this series.

Midget and Mo meet at school. Midge is new, quiet and sad, Mo is loud, fun and keen to be friends. Mo tries lots of things to get Midge to smile, play games and use colours in his drawings but it takes time for her to realise he needs time to adjust. Making him something special and from the heart starts Midge thinking too.

A lovely book about new friends, adjusting to new situations and knowing that the sun comes out after the rain. Beautiful!

Written by Guy Bass, Illustrated by Pete Williamson
Published by Stripes

The Haunting of Luna Moon is the second in the Skeleton Keys series from Stripes Publishing. I can attest to the second being as excellent as the first. They are funny, slightly chilling and full of surprises.

Skeleton Keys is back as he has felt the tingle of an “unimaginary” causing trouble at Haggard Hall. Luna and her family have just buried her Grandfather and they are in the midst of celebrating, as he was not a very nice person. Keys comes just after Auntie Summer is imprisoned in a painting. Luna believes it is her Grandfather come back to haunt them all. Strange things continue to happen and it is up to Luna, Keys and backward headed Daisy to save the family.

A super story with twists and monsters! Already keen for the third!

Written by Jennifer Bell, Illustrated by Alice Lickens
Published by Walker Books

I am a huge fan of highly illustrated adventure stories featuring animals! I love Mr Penguin, Agent Weasel, Mr Tiger and Fabio Flamingo…so Agents of the Wild is totally up my street. Operation Honeyhunt is the first in this new series and it is fantastic!

Agnes lives with her Uncle Douglas and is desperate for a pet. He, however, has strict rules about pets. When Agnes arrives home from the park one afternoon, she sees an animal on her bed. It is an elephant shrew wearing a safari uniform. He is a member of SPEARS, the Society for the Protection of Endangered and Awesomely Rare Species. They want Agnes to follow in her parents footsteps and become a field agent. Exciting training, new animal adventurers and a mission to save a bee take Agnes away from her apartment and into the jungle! Excitement, humour and neon green illustrations make this an incredible book.

This is going to be one of my favourite new series for sure!

Written by Sally Gardner, Illustrated by Nick Maland
Published by Zephyr, Imprint of Head of Zeus

Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Gongalong acrobats are back for a third time. Delightfully written in blue type, with plenty of detailed illustrations this is the perfect book for confident readers aged 8 and older.

After their last adventure, Betsy is spending some time living under the sea with her mother. She knows that when Mr Tiger checks his compass that an adventure is about to happen. When two monsters become rivals, there is trouble brewing in Mermaid City. A seahorse race is set to determine a winner of the silver teapot, and to put an end to the trouble. With plenty happening on land and under the sea, there is never a dull moment with Mr Tiger around.

Adventurous, fun and completely enjoyable!


  1. I love the sound of Fierce, Fearless and Free! Could you tell me what cultures are covered in the stories? I am always looking for books which represent the various cultures of our pupil cohort 😃


    1. Hey, there are tales, myths or legends from countries such as Mexico, Lithuania, Italy, Sumer and China. There are plenty of anthologies with this type of story but must admit this one has different tales than the others I have in my collection. It is a thinner book too so not daunting for readers to pick up.

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