The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by B.B. Taylor

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The tooth fairy is one of those myths that lasts until the molars come out…or at least it has in my house. The tooth fairy has been imagined and re-imagined time and time again, from being a fairy to a troll, from tiny to large, but always magical! But what would happen if children stopped believing?

Written by B.B. Taylor, Illustrated by James Shaw
Published by Tiny Tree Books

A fairy named Mouse is too small to carry teeth, and so cannot be a tooth fairy. When the fairies and their magic are in trouble, Mouse decides size doesn’t matter and breaks “the fairy code of conduct” to help.

Mouse travels to our world and meets a young girl named Faith. Faith still wants to believe in the magic and so helps Mouse. Off they go on an adventure to find magic that will save the fairies. Discovering that magic doesn’t just come from teeth might be the best part of their journey.

A completely delightful and fun re-imagining of the legend of the Tooth Fairy. A perfect length for bedtime stories with wonderful illustrations throughout the book. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and we had a brilliant time thinking about our own tooth fairy and what they might look like. Unsurprisingly, my daughter thought she should have purple hair, just like the author B.B.Taylor.

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